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In de loop der jaren heb ik diverse artikels geschreven over de mutaties van de pyrrhura molinae en de pyrrhura frontalis.hieronder een overzicht


One of the finest abd most recent mutations of the green-cheeked conure: the lutino.

Until recently the suncheek was the most yellow-tinted mutant of the pyrrhura molinae. But now with the lutino this has changed.

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New violet mutation in the green-cheeked conure

A story of trial and error, years of patience and a lot of perseverance

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Selective breeding of the pyrrhura molinae

Further breeding of the red with the ordinary yellow-side (= hypoxantha) and the pineapple (= cinnamon hypoxantha = cinnamon yellow-side)?

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The fallow: a wonderful mutation of the pyrrhura frontalis

Next to various beautiful mutations of the pyrrhura molinae, another wonderful mutation of the pyrrhura frontalis, sc. the fallow, was born in the Netherlands around the turn of the century.

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New colour mutations of the pyrrhura molinae: the challenges have been achieved!

After my last two publications on the first blue molinae (1996), the first blue cinnamon and the first blue yellow-side (2001), the story of breeding mutations of the pyrrhura molinae has slowly continued. In the past few years, I have realized the new challenges I talked about at the end of my last article and I would hereby like to introduce the results to you.

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New points of view for Pyrrhura. Challenge for new colormutation

Ten years ago, I wrote an article of the first blue mutation. Now, a decade later, I can report with some pride the first growth of the blue cinnamon and the first growth of the blue yellow-side (blue hypoxantha). Here I give you my story of the ten years raising this lovely, strong greencheek parakeet.

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